Why Write A Blog?

I ask myself why do I want to write this blog? The answer for me is a simple one. I need to see my thoughts in black and white as a teaching tool for myself. I do a lot of thinking about how to advance my work, but when I see it written, the words somehow resonate with more power.

Years ago I started out as a photorealist painting cityscapes. My work was about design and perspective. Large overview paintings came together like a complicated puzzle. Try doing this year after year without change. Even though they sold, I became bored with the whole process. Each piece took longer and longer to finish. It was hard work to put out any production. I had plateaued and nothing I did put back the earlier excitement. 

For years I’ve taught other people how to find their voice, now I’m going to listen to my own words. So this blog is about finding new ways to put back a dialogue with myself. My goal is to  push myself beyond my own expectations. Hopefully, my process will open up a dialogue with others out there and bring new ways of thinking into a discussion.