why have a website?

I started working on my website with a degree of anxiety and a lot of doubt about the value of it. There was much to learn, much technology to understand, I probably would never grasp it all. Who has the time for it anyway? It takes away from my painting and that, after all, causes me to question the purpose of it all?

I can only say, I don’t want to be left behind. It would be easy to sit back and ignore everything that’s going on. It just seems like a lot of distraction and noise. Except, I spent my life developing into an artist and to ignore the changes going on in the art world today is to invalidate everything I’ve done up to now. It seems like giving up just before the finish line.

So, I’m going to plunge full speed ahead into my future. I’m not doing this alone, of course. I’m fortunate to have a smart, patient webmistress who guides me through all the confusion. What’s amazing is how much I’m starting to understand. It’s a mental adventure to some unknown destination right out of a science fiction movie. It’s a new language to say the least…but the biggest development is how it has energized my art. I’m motivated to produce more work to keep my website fresh and interesting. It’s as if I’m always working towards a one-person show.

I’m beginning to understand the value of Facebook also. There’s a whole society of people connecting to each other and this exposure for an artist is enormous. Not only am I able to see first hand what other artists are doing, I have a format to introduce my own work to them as well. This has me very excited.

I admit this cyberspace has finally caught my imagination and I fully embrace it. There’s definitely something going on that’s changing the art world as I once knew it, and I want to be part of it.