waiting for the perfect storm

I’ve decided not to post the blog I originally wrote for today, since I'm preoccupied with hurricane warnings on the TV. It seems the perfect storm is heading straight for us and while we are not yet asked to evacuate, the fear of having to do so is in the air. What surprises me is how this impending danger has energized me. There’s nothing I can do to avoid what’s coming, and yet, it’s become the fuel behind my need to paint today. I’ve been working all morning, taking a break only to write this blog.

I’m listening to Steven King’s, “11/22/68” on my IPhone, which drowns out the sound of wind outside. It’s about a time-traveler who goes back to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating JFK. It’s a gripping story that has my mind engaged while I paint and block out the storm growing around me.

So my advice for today is to stay safe, tap into that nervous energy and listen to a good book.