intuitive intelligence and creativity

Just what exactly is an intuitive intelligence and how does it work? The interesting thing I found when researching this subject is how 80% of our minds are dedicated to unconscious thinking, which incidentally, is where creative thinking forms. This is different from book-learned intelligence, which knows only what it knows. When you think about it, this is huge. If so much of the mind is engaged in unconscious thought, then how do I access it to enhance my creativity.

One way to access the unconscious is through play, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. It’s in the letting go and having fun where ideas have a way of coming through. The trick is not to allow the analytic part of the mind to limit creative thinking.  I can only comment on my own experience when a painting has failed. Instead of destroying it on the spot, I have a rule of letting it sit for a while, then go back into it with a sense of fun. I can’t ruin it anymore since I’ve already done that. This allows me to take risks I wouldn’t normally take. I’m going to play with it now without expectation. If I’m going to have a breakthrough, it’s going to happen when I’m not trying so hard.

If I push myself beyond my own limitations with an inspired energy, I’m more likely to have a creative breakthrough. To be intuitive means I have an enhanced ability to notice things. It means I have a way of making sense of a world that doesn’t always make sense. Survival itself depends on it. So while the analytical side of my brain wants to stop me from producing something it’s not sure I can accomplish, it’s the intuitive side of me that will take the risk and discover a creative way to solve the problem.

So my conclusion is to be observant when taking in information and try to be in touch with my feelings. I know when something is right when I get this tickle in my gut…we all get it. The trick is to recognize what you have, then act on it.