time to just work

There are artists who move from one art class to another looking for shortcuts in various techniques. They are on the lookout for solutions to better their art. On some level I think it's great to keep your mind open to learning new ways of seeing, however, I find at some point seeking out another artist's methods can become a crutch. The way I see it, there's no easy way of becoming an artist outside of good hard work. This means hours alone in the studio pushing through the frustrations of finding new ways to advance my art.

So much of discovery is trial and error. Without the hours of exploration there would be no breakthroughs. There would be no innovation that allows art to evolve beyond what it already knows. I feel strongly, great art involves digging deep to get to that place where the process of creation becomes organic. It's that place where you become obsessed with an idea and can't let go of it. It's a journey to some unknown destination and you have no idea what you're looking for until you find it. I love when that happens.

Art is about discovery and problem solving. It takes tenacity and a determined commitment to put in the hours of work without distraction. The creative process can't be rushed, and there's no short way around it. The only way to make art is to be in the studio working. Original art needs to seed and grow into its own unique voice without the influence of an instructor.

Artists need the support of other artists. It’s my art friends who keep me informed and current. If I need an opinion I always know who I can go to, but nothing advances my art like putting in long hard hours. So I say, get into the studio, turn off the phone and get to work.